Thursday, 19 March 2020 04:41


For the release 20.03, we provide a changelog hereby about what has changed since 17.12 (to download the change log, a link is provided at the bottom of this page):

General UI/SDK changes:

  • UI: Add information about the wxWidgets library being used in Help -> About dialog
  • UI: Fix two asserts for incorrect use of wxALIGN_LEFT when opening the Project -> Properties dialog
  • wx3: Fix assertion when removing last virtual target (ticket #892)
  • UI: Add logging of execution time to various places in the code
  • UI: Add compiler ID to Help -> About dialog (ticket #870)
  • UI: Make Plugin manager to have resizeable plugin info control
  • UI: Fix Toolbars corruption when saving perspective (ticket #846)
  • Fix crash with batch build on linux by moving the build process out of OnInit() when using wx>=30
  • UI: Improve child window placement. Introduce 3 options: center-on-parent (default), center-on-display and leave to OS/ Window manager.
  • UI: Make sure pressing escape works correctly in the Reorder targets dialog
  • UI: Fix the parents of various child dialogs in the Build -> Properties
  • UI: Make sure we call PlaceWindow for the dialog for selecting platform for targets
  • UI: Make sure the correct parent is set when showing the project dependencies dialog
  • UI: Fix possible assert when the language selection is invalid
  • UI: Make data paths more resilient to changes to the current directory
  • UI: Make pressing Escape in scope "Code Refactoring" dialog to close it
  • UI: Adjust borders for the Find/Replace dialog
  • UI: Fix corruption of toolbars when saving perspective (ticket #846)
  • UI: Fix assert that a bitmap is already selected in a DC on Windows
  • UI: Fix crash if the list in Settings->Scripting is empty (ticket 842)
  • UI: Show only one message box if a project could not be loaded while loading a workspace (ticket #809)
  • scintilla-wx: Remove double buffering for wxGTK (it doesn't fix the flickering problem)
  • UI: Select the correct language in the menu shown from the language button in the status bar
  • scintilla-wx: Cherry-pick changes from wx-master (Better support for passing images from wx to scintilla)
  • UI: Some places in the code were trying to load images from file system and not from (ticket #826)
  • UI: Replace the wxComboBox with wxChoice in Project->Properties->Build targets->Type
  • UI: Make the layout of Environment Settings -> View a bit more compact
  • UI: Replace the radio buttons for images sizes in Env Settings -> View with wxChoice controls
  • UI: Use better looking icon for the "Select text" button in the Incremental search toolbar
  • UI: Fix layout issue in the environment settings dialog
  • UI: Print config file path as the first line in the list ctrl for the main log
  • UI: Fit toolbars on every load
  • UI: Make MainFrame::DoFixToolbarsLayout to really work when toolbar size changes
  • UI: Make it possible to assign a keyboard shortcut to Build -> Select target -> Select target...
  • sdk: Fix memory leak when showing the "choose compiler" dialog, because the current compiler is not available
  • UI: Log the info message to the main log
  • UI: Avoid crash or assert when application is closed via OS's TaskBar
  • UI: Fix a warning emitted by wxWidgets about incorrect use of wxALIGN_CENTER_HORIZONTAL in the EditPath dialog
  • UI: Treat editor and project files as modified when altered outside of Code::Blocks and not reloaded (ticket #492)
  • wx30: Do no call LoadResource for plugins which don't have xrc files in their zip archives
  • wx30: Fix assert that all images added to an image list must have the same size
  • batch build: Fix segmentation fault after batch build (ticket #738)
  • UI: Fix crash in GotoFile::BuildContent(74)
  • SDK: Fix memory leak when loading new workspace
  • UI: Fix a memory leak of Page objects on application shutdown
  • UI: Fixes to the auto-sizing feature of the GotoFile dialog (see r11468)
  • UI: Make the Goto File window to resize itself when the content of the list ctrl doesn't fit
  • UI: Make opening containing folder work when the path contains whitespace (ticket #734)
  • wx3-stl: Make almost everything (wxSmith doens't) to build with wxWidgets in STL mode
  • sdk: Remove duplicated calls to AddBuildTarget for generated files
  • sdk: Make sure we don't add the same file twice if it is stored with different relative path in the project file
  • sdk: Make CompilerFactory::GetCompiler using an id faster
  • sdk: Small optimization in cbProject::addFile (don't call wxFileName::GetExt multiple times)
  • sdk: Small optimizations in MacrosManager
  • sdk: Don't save empty extension tags in the project file
  • sdk: Sort extensions just before saving the project
  • sdk: Add $PLATFORM macro that expands to "msw" on windows and "unix" on linux and mac
  • sdk: Path delimiters in the .cbp file aren't Unix-normalized when saving project on Windows (ticket #705)
  • UI: Print a message in the log when the application is ended because another instance is detected
  • UI: Fix a crash/assert on shutdown when the CallAfter is executed after the managers have been shutdown
  • UI: Print an error in the log if opening a file fails
  • UI: Make sure passing --file=path/to/file.ext without line number works, too
  • ProjectManagerUI: Implement both external and internal wxTreeCtrl Drag and Drop for the project manager tree
  • ProjectManagerUI: Temporary disable external drag and drop from project manager wxTreeCntrl. External and Internal drag and drop are incompatible.
  • UI: Remove double dollar signs (ticket #653)
  • wx30: Fix de-serializing wxStrings when doing DDE
  • UI: Prevent the splash screen from staying on top from the compiler selector dialog
  • Fix possible null pointer dereference in plugins management (ticket #673)
  • UI: Set the focus to the OK button in the Multi Select dialog (used when adding files to a project)
  • UI: Make sure that the file path control in the EditPath is larger, so longer paths could be reviewed
  • UI: DefaultMimeHandler: Set min size for the selection dialog
  • UI: Fix crash when reloading multiple projects in a workspace and they have dependencies
  • wx3-gtk3: Fix crash when doing Control-A, Control-V (ticket #629)
  • UI: Make sure the current project is always visible in the project tree while moving it up/down (ticket #617)
  • UI: Show the scintilla version in about dialog
  • wx30: Fix editor redraw problems on Windows (workaround, related to status bar)
  • UI: Make return to select the filtered option in the Goto File, Goto Function and Select Target dialogs on Windows

HiDPI improvements:

  • Log the actual scaling factor (makes sense for gtk2/3)
  • Add new versions of the select-target images
  • Update 16x16 in src/resources to look like their bigger versions
  • Update images for ThreadSearch
  • Use the new updated tree icons
  • Add missing rc-file* images to the main resources
  • New 16x16 images for infopane and help plugin
  • Make the abbreviation plugin HiDPI aware
  • Create a missing icon in the toolbar if the requested icon couldn't be loaded
  • Make the SpellChecker icons in the status bar to be HiDPI aware
  • Use toolbar art providers for main, compiler and debugger toolbars
  • Move select_target.png to sdk/resources
  • Make it possible to use the cbArtProvider with toolbars
  • Make button images (zoom in/out) in the help plugin panel to be HiDPI aware
  • Apply scale factor to the toolbar size
  • Make icons in various dialogs to be HiDPI aware
  • Fix browse buttons in Project -> Properties to look good on HiDPI monitors
  • Make the icons for the buttons in IncrementSearch to be HiDPI aware
  • Make the icon in scope "Code Refactoring" dialog to be HiDPI aware
  • Add support for bitmap buttons to the cbArtProvider
  • Fix scaling of menu images created with the cbArtProvider on macOS
  • help plugin: Fix bigger icons in the Help menu on Windows
  • IncrementalSearch: Fix the menu icon to use the menu size and scaling (HiDPI aware)
  • DoxyBlocks: Make the Module menu images to be HiDPI aware
  • Make the readonly icon used in editor's notebook to be HiDPI aware
  • Try to make Notebook icons in 'Logs and Others' look non-blurry on GTK3+GDK_SCALE=2
  • Make all loggers in 'Log & Others' to provide HiDPI aware icons
  • Make the OpenFilesList plugin HiDPI aware
  • Better support for creating the image list on GTK3 when scaling factor is 2
  • Modify cbProjectTreeImages::MakeImageList to add a red image in the generate image list when a file fails to load
  • Make the tree images in project tree and file manager trees to be HiDPI aware
  • Use the scaling factor detection to select the image size for menu images
  • Fix debug log message about ClientToScreen failures coming from the call to wxDisplay::GetFromWindow
  • Update icons from the cb-icons repo (compiler and incremental search pluigns)
  • Move images to instead storing them on the file system and fix all build systems
  • Implement sizeable images in the auto completion list produced by the CC plugin
  • Remove wrong warning message in the log from the cbArtProvider
  • Fix the icon size in Breakpoints dialog on HiDPI windows builds
  • Make the list images in Breakpoints dialog to look good on scaled GTK+3 build (scaling factor 2 or more)
  • Make images in the Build menu (compiler plugin) to be DPI aware
  • Make the IncrementalSearch menu image to be DPI aware
  • Make the DoxyBlocks menu images to be DPI aware
  • Make the images in the debugger menu to be DPI aware
  • Make all images defined in main_menu.xrc to be DPI aware
  • Add additional image sizes which would be used for the main menu
  • Make the icons in the Breakpoints dialog to be DPI aware
  • Remove toolbar images with size 22x22
  • Print the resource id of the toolbar when there are problems loading a bitmap
  • Add 20x20, 24x24, 28x28, 40x40, 48x48, 56x56 and 64x64 for contrib plugins
  • Add 20x20, 24x24, 28x28, 40x40, 48x48, 56x56 and 64x64 for core stuff
  • Add more options for the sizes of the toolbar icons
  • Print log message when loading an image for a toolbar fails
  • Fix asserts in the wxBitmap c-tor when the image file cannot be found on this
  • Print a warning when changing the size of toolbar images
  • Make the wx31 builds to be system dpiAware
  • Fix missing image after the move of 22x22 images to a separate folder
  • Do not use scalingFactor on Windows
  • Add wrapper for wxWindow::GetContentScaleFactor to make it easier to use this call
  • Make toolbar images for DoxyBlocks work correctly when using GTK+3 on HiDPI (scale >= 2) monitor
  • Make toolbars on wx3.1 and GTK3 to almost look sharp
  • Print scaling factor for the main frame during startup
  • Do not call Realize toolbars for every disabled tool in a xrc file
  • Reenable the dpi aware flag on windows
  • Add 32x32 images for the rest of plugins which create toolbars
  • Make toolbars work on retina mac machines
  • Add the possibility to select toolbars which are 32x32 big
  • Add 32x32 images for main and debugger toolbars
  • Print warning message when a toolbar image requires resizing
  • Make the xrc wxToolbarAddon handler to be able to remap bitmap paths

SDK new/changed APIs:

  • sdk: Implement cbProject::operator= so it is possible to copy projects
  • sdk: Change the return type of cbWatch::GetDebugString (ABI break)
  • sdk: Remove cbWatchesDlg::UpdateWatches, because it is no longer used
  • sdk: Add cbEVT_DEBUGGER_CONTINUED event for debugger
  • UI: Try to place child windows always on a valid display (ticket #770)
  • sdk: Make cbAssert to send SIGINT instead of SIGTERM
  • SDK: Make cbResolveSymLinkedDirPath a bit more robust
  • sdk: Add function which could be used to get the rect of the monitor where a window is placed (extracted from PlaceWindow)
  • sdk: Add API for sorting menu items in the editor's context menu (modify all plugins to use it)
  • UI: Use sorted container to provide a more stable iteration when building the module menu
  • UI: Use the setting for caret line to show it in the syntax highlight settings

Performance improvements:

  • UI: Minimize the time needed to open the file/replace dialog for the LLVM project
  • SDK: Call the virtual function GetTitle just once inside loops in cbProject::RemoveBuildTarget

Syntax Hightlight UI improvements:

  • UI: Make it possible to type in the syntax highlight preview
  • wx30: Fix assert introduced with rev 9667 (reading null color for syntax highlight)


  • Try to fix flicker when moving the cursor with keyboard/mouse (ticket #890)
  • Disable middle-mouse button paste until user sets Settings -> Editor -> Other editor setting -> Enable marked text paste with middle mouse click (on Windows)
  • Fix non-latin keys to work in shortcuts in the editor on Linux
  • Add controls for selecting the technology and font quality
  • Auto-size marker margin column and switch to breakpoint image with the correct size
  • Make the width of the change bar to change with the zoom
  • Add an option which can be used to disable the save-to-temp-and-move operation we use by default
  • Add menu item 'Copy full path' in the editor tab context menu
  • Implement 'Fold current block' to work when the cursor is inside the block (ticket #700)
  • Fix the feature which restores editor folds when the project/editor is reloaded
  • Make it possible to set the white-space mode to "Only indent"
  • Enable pasting when there are multiple cursors and typing with them is enabled
  • Group all find related items together at the top of the context menu in the editor
  • Move the Code Refactoring -> Rename symbols menu item to the Insert submenu
  • Move Properties to the bottom of the editor's context menu
  • Remove excessive separators from the editor's context menu
  • Remove menu items from editor's context menu which are duplicated in the editor's tab
  • Move Copy/Cut/Paste from a submenu Edit to the main context menu of the editor
  • Add 'Close to the left' and 'Close to the right' menu items in the context menu for the editor's notebook
  • Implement caret buffer in the editor (up to now we have it implemented in the EditorTweaks plugin). UI in the Settings -> Editor -> General -> Other editor settings
  • Do not mess the editor with brace selection completion when there are multiple cursors
  • Pass a theme object to editors created for new files (ticket #100)
  • Make the line for the current position during debugging to use the same colour as the caret line (ticket #659)


  • Add syntax highlighting for Nim (ticket #657)
  • Add WAVE keyword to Windows resource lexer (ticket #834)
  • Improve C/C++ lexer (ticket #741)
  • Add YAML lexer, make sure to always use spaces when editing YAML files
  • Add option to change the colour of the indentation guides for all lexers not only for the ObjC lexer
  • Add selection, active line, matching brace and no matching brace style options using code
  • Add lexer for plaintext files
  • Add lexer for Markdown (ticket #640)
  • Update doxygen keywords in the C/C++ lexer
  • Update keywords for the new Fortran standard (ticket #683)
  • Update GLSL lexer to v4.60 Standard (ticket #588)

Script bindings:

  • Bind SetLinkerExecutable and GetLinkerExecutable in CompileOptionsBase
  • Make it possible to examine and modify the Extension XML nodes in the project files
  • Save the old print function and restore it after executing the script in ScriptingManager::LoadBufferRedirectOutput (ticket #817)
  • Make it possible to use relative paths when including squirrel scripts (ticket #812)

Library updates:

  • Scintilla to 3.7.5; Sync wx files with the same files in wxWidgets' master
  • Exchndl crash handler to v0.9.1
  • Hunspell on Windows from v1.3.3 to v1.7.0
  • Astyle to v3.1
  • wxPDFDoc to v0.9.8 (used in SourceExporter plugin)


  • Finally make Mozilla-style/example work
  • Add new options, remove obsolete options

Code completion plugin:

  • Take the zoom of the current editor into account when deciding if to use a buffered auto completion list
  • Fixed annoying bug that the compiler calls fail due to missing dependencies (DLLs)
  • Fix parsing of function declaration which returns enum type (partial fix for ticket #127)
  • Fix parsing of enums whose underlying types are specified (in C++11) (ticket #176)
  • Fix parsing of when the result of function is cast to void (ticket #25)
  • Fix parsing of struct instances declared on same statement (ticket #762)
  • Fix parsing of multi-line #if defined() (ticket #761)
  • Fix parsing of 'for' loops with empty declaration block. Handle the case where the first token is a semicolon
  • Fix parsing of #defined \ macros (ticket #693)
  • Fix crash caused by accessing array with out of bound index.
  • Do not start system header thread if the list of directories is empty (ticket #780)
  • Improve the logic for starting/stopping system header threads
  • Fix crash when the project has files with invalid targets and the user tries to do header completion
  • Ignore attribute((whatever)) in typedef definition (ticket #759)
  • Support function declaration lists (ticket #724)
  • Handle comma as terminator for function declarations
  • Fix leaks of SystemHeadersThread objects when shutting down the application
  • Log how much time traversing a directory to find headers takes
  • Do not traverse root folders for drives
  • Use better method for detecting file system loops
  • Do not block the UI when showing the list of include completions while a thread is traversing
  • Fix assertion when clicking on "Find references of:" (ticket #633)

Compiler plugin:

  • Add an option to targets which allows the user to select the linker executable to be used for the target
  • Make the LinkerExecutableOption::AutoDetect work as advertised
  • Cleaned up obsolete interim C/C++ standards that are now properly supported by GCC (i.e. C++11/14/17; C17)
  • Print Build banner at command preBuild step, else they appear to belong to previous target
  • Fix assert about RecalcSizes (ticket #857)
  • Expand CodeBlocks variables for non-ttCommandsOnly targets also
  • Fix potential crash if the choice control is removed from the toolbar
  • Print a log message that we are modifying the dll search path before running an executable
  • Adjust the regexp for detecting the compiler version to support double digit numbers
  • Do not switch to the build log when the workspace is closed
  • Fix a crash introduced in r11465 (ticket #582)
  • Clear target specific variables from the MacroManager on every recalculation (ticket #582)
  • Remove duplicated compiler option
  • Clear logs when the workspace is closed (ticket #656)
  • Make sure the goto prev/next build error goes only on errors
  • Show the build message when the user requests goto prev/next error
  • Add support for -std=c++17 flag
  • Don't show a log message when the wxKill command fails to kill children, because they've finished already
  • Hide process output when the process is stopped/killed
  • Fix double send of cbEVT_COMPILER_FINISHED when the executable is closed after run
  • Make the abort button work again (ticket #104). Kill the started process and all children instead of using wxSIGTERM

Debugger plugin:

  • Make sure we always store remote debugging project options sorted by target
  • Rework the plugin to not use ProjectLoaderHooks
  • Fix crash when trying to attach when there is no loaded project (ticket #879)
  • Fix regression when executing additional commands before
  • Make sure we don't save empty serial baud attributes in the debugger extension
  • Improve UI of Debugger project options panel
  • Check additional shell commands when deciding if the remote settings for target/projects need to be saved
  • Rework the UI for the "Remote connection" tab in the project opions to look a bit more pleasant
  • Improve the IsPointerType to detect restrict and const volatile types as pointers correctly
  • sdk: Add another parameter to cbDebuggerPlugin::AddWatch to make it similar to AddMemoryRangeWatch
  • sdk: Make it possible to delay the update of memory range watches (possible massive breakage)
  • sdk: Add event which will be used to notify debug windows that data is ready
  • Initial implementation of Memory Range Watches
  • Set the plugin value of the event when sending EVT_DEBUGGER_UPDATED
  • Send CURSOR_CHANGED event when the debugger has stopped on a breakpoint/signal
  • Fix the disassembly view with newer GDBs
  • Make it possible to evaluate expression in wxSmith code blocks
  • Improvements for Fortran (ticket #717)
  • Put the recent entered command in the position 0 of the wxComboBox list.
  • Remove gdb_types.script because it is not longer used (the scripting support has been removed from the debugger)
  • Make sure to quit correctly when attaching to process fails
  • Make it possible to attach to a process using the command line (This commit adds --dbg-attach and --dbg-config command line options)
  • Prevent warning for invalid current directory when attaching to process
  • Make sure to set the SHELL variable before starting GDB

OccurrenceHighlighting plugin:

  • Update the permanent occurrence highlights when editor is split
  • Handle editor open events to highlight all words that match the set for permanent highlights
  • Make it possible to set the plugin to override the text colour

Scripting wizard:

  • Fix wxWidgets script on windows (ticket #676)
  • Print better message when the xrc file fails to load
  • Change extension for files added to Fortran projects to f90 (ticket #605)

Browse tracker plugin:

  • Create default.Browsetracker.ini from old Browsetracker.ini (only once) when personality == default
  • Fix deprecated wxFont usage in config panel
  • Honor Toolbar activation/deactivation from View/Toolbars; Change config toolbar setting to "Show Toolbar Always"
  • Fix crash in JumpTracker when the editor object is nullptr
  • Internationalize the configuration panel
  • Fix shutdown assert on linux when using wx3.x
  • Unregister hooks/sinks to prevent crashes when uninstalled

Code snippets plugin:

  • Let user know that attempt to edit file failed
  • Adds DnD to ProjectManagerUI, removes it from the plugin, and fixes asserts
  • Fix assert (ticket #631)

Drag scroll plugin:

  • Add user config option to reverse mouse wheel zoom
  • Fix right mouse click in project window. See,
  • Don't move cursor when using right mouse key (wx3.x)

Environment variables plugin:

  • Crash when closing Environment settings dialog (ticket #877)
  • Rework the plugin to not use ProjectLoaderHooks
  • Incorrect variables could be set or variables could be lost when using the configuration dialog (ticket #641)

File manager plugin:

  • Slow down caused by incorrect fix in rev 11463 (ticket #722)
  • Fix assert when clicking the 'goto parent directory' button beyond the root (ticket #713)
  • Fix wrong use of stl-containers (erasing invalidates iterators) (ticket #722)

Key binder plugin:

  • Fix warning for Ctrl-P being duplicated
  • Introduce version 2.0 using CodeLight key binding methods; allowing future ability to dynamically set menu and global accelerators to any frame
  • Sort cbKeybinder20.conf file and remove old (duplicate) bindings
  • Use correct file separator on Linux for .config/cbKeyBinder10.ini
  • If there is no <personality>.cbKeyBinder10.ini file try to load cbKeybinder10.ini
  • Add overridden menu accelerators to global table for Linux
  • Obtain correct config folder on linux (ticket 840)
  • Freeze config panel while updating
  • Avoid 'Wheres the event handler gone' asserts when modifying shortcuts
  • Fix F2, Shift-F2 and allow linux to handle any View menu check items (ticket #273)

Nassi-Shneiderman plugin:

  • Convert the toolbar images from xpm buffers defined in code to using pngs stored in a zip
  • Fix crashes during drag n drop of bricks
  • Use wxBRUSHSTYLE_ constants to get rid of depricated-warnings from wx31
  • Remove wxALIGN_CENTER_HORIZONTAL|wxALIGN_CENTER_VERTICAL for expanded item. Avoids assert from wxWidgets 3.1

Project options manipulator plugin:

  • Replace all options in one go (partial fix for ticket #868)
  • Report success after changing the compiler options (ticket #470)
  • Fix the UI layout of main dialog (ticket #607)

RndGen plugin:

  • Some code cleanup (ticket #736)
  • Add the plugin to the builds on linux/macos (ticket #728)
  • Better explanation of the purpose and usage of the plugin (ticket #648)

SpellChecker plugin:

  • Highlight error only if the cursor is away from the word. Simplify special character handling.
  • Fix wrong white space handling on windows by using the scintilla word finding functions
  • Speedup by moving code out of loop and advancing the position of the parser
  • Add Spanish flag images (ticket #881)
  • Make the popup menu to show when pressing the left button

Thread search plugin:

  • Use file filter mask for all search options, not only for search in directories
  • Fix overwriting of search mask on windows
  • Don't prefix tilde to search word when doing Context menu -> Find occurrences of (ticket #742)
  • Prepare the plugin to support more than two resolutions of UI images
  • Make the images in plugin's toolbar to work correctly on GTK+ 3 and scaling of 2x
  • Remove almost all places in the plugin which used the /environment/toolbar_size instead of GetImagePrefix

wxSmith plugin:

  • Fix use of an icon
  • Add new style wxFLP_SMALL to wxFilePickerCtrl in wxWidgets 3.x (ticket #880)
  • Add new style wxFD_SHOW_HIDDEN to wxFileDialog in wxWidgets >= 3.1.3 (ticket #887)
  • Fix assertion because of missing default style for wxListView (ticket #884)
  • Add wxDIRP_SMALL flag for wxDirPickerCtrl (ticket #861)
  • Fix wrong grouping of radio boxes in the wxSmith settings dialog (ticket #875)
  • Fix image editor layout for wxWidgets >= 3.1.0 and rename dialog to image picker. (ticket #862)
  • Make wxParentProperty read only in wxsChart (ticket #853)
  • Limit field number in wxsStatusBar (ticket #847)
  • Better support for wxGLCanvas for wxWidgets 3.x (ticket #702)
  • Fix assert for adding windows to wxAUI manager (part of ticket #789)
  • Make the dialog for editing the items of wxChoice control to be resizable
  • Handle the default color in the color property class the same in both wxWidgets 3.x and wxWidgets 2.8 (ticket #815)
  • Fix "dangling" frames which prevent Code::Blocks's process from exiting correctly
  • Fix wxImagePanel preview error if an empty image is used
  • Do not generate code if user specifies no image in wxImagePanel
  • Fix a crash caused by uninitialized wxPen in wxMathPlot control
  • Make the wxImagePanel control support a image filename
  • Change wx*_BORDER styles to the new wxBORDER_* which are used in wxWidgets 3.x
  • Fix assert when using the wxGridBagSizer (ticket #664)
  • Fix use-after-free error when moving a control in a sizer
  • Add Radio as possible wxAuiToolBarItem item kind (ticket #15)
  • Fix assert after inserting wxListCtrl (ticket #671)
  • Set sensible defaults for initial and increment properties in wxSpinCtrlDouble
  • Add wxSpinCtrlDouble supported only for wxWidgets 3.x builds (ticket #616)

Other plugins:

  • Astyle: Fix argument bug (ticket #698)
  • AutoSave: Add option to save log rotated backup files in a sub-folder (ticket #132)
  • ClassWizard: Remember file extensions for header and source files
  • CppCheck: Fix crash when the generated xml is missing
  • CScope: Add configuration dialog to select the cscope executable. Also add a link to the help page in the settings dialog.
  • EditorConfig: Rework the plugin to not use ProjectLoaderHooks
  • EditorConfig: Allow to use global editor settings for EOL (ticket #577)
  • EditorTweaks: Remove caret buffer code, because it was added to the core editor
  • Help: Fix bug in man2html (ticket #626)
  • IncrementalSearch: Try to have better/simpler history in the choice control (ticket #740)
  • IncrementalSearch: Make it possible to get focus by clicking (ticket 625)
  • MouseSap: Remove all direct GTK calls. Fix Shift-MiddleMouse key pasting to avoid overwriting Primary clipboard.
  • OpenFileList: Fix crash when disable/enable the plugin in the plugin manager dialog (ticket #774)
  • OpenFileList: Fix memory leak when unloading the plugin
  • ReopenEditor: Fix memory leaks
  • SmartIndent: Improve brace completion for Fortran (ticket #667)
  • ToDo plugin: Fix memory corruption due to splash screen (ticket #635)

Summary, for download

Download the full changelog here:

Older Changelogs

See Changelog for 17.12

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Special thanks

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Build system

Code::Blocks implements a custom build system with very important features: ultra-fast dependencies generation, build queues and parallel builds are the most important ones to mention.


The debugging subsystem has been greatly enhanced in the latest version. Automatic/manual watches, code/data breakpoints, call stack, disassembly listing and memory dumps are only few of its features.